Color photo of Hollywood Blvd at Christmas, circa 1940s

Christmas along Hollywood Boulevard sure looked festive back in the 1940s when this shot was taken, especially with those light-up Christmas trees that gave the street a golden glow. And that wet sheen on the road from a recent rainstorm gives it that cinematic look that night street scenes in movies always seem to have.

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One Response to Color photo of Hollywood Blvd at Christmas, circa 1940s

  1. Jean Hunter says:

    This has to be one of the prettiest color Christmas shots of Hollywood Blvd. I’ve seen. Makes me wish I was riding in one of those cars or even just parked on the side watching the scene unfold.

    Here’s another pretty and festive shot from December 1953 that includes the Hollywood Hotel. Behind the P.E. red car is Grauman’s. I’d love to lay claim on the yellow car with the white walls.

    Thanks, Martin – happy holidays!