Hollywood Boulevard at night during Christmas, circa 1950

Hollywood Boulevard at night during Christmas, circa 1950The third in my triptych of Hollywood Boulevard during the holidays photos shows us the view looking west past the Pantages Theater from the Argyle Avenue corner where the Vallera Italian Kitchen restaurant stood. In this shot, it looks like the light-up Christmas trees alternated between gold and green.

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3 Responses to Hollywood Boulevard at night during Christmas, circa 1950

  1. Emil says:

    Great pics Martin. I posted a while ago, I am the grandson of the founder of the Gotham deli. My mother recently told me something you might like. The Gotham deli would make prepared sandwiches before the Christmas parade. When Santa and the celebrities rolled by on their floats, my mother said that she (and other Gotham folks) would toss sandwiches to them so they would have something to eat during the parade. 90 years old and she just told me this!

  2. Wow, what a great story, Emil. Makes me wonder what other stories she’s got stored away in her 90-year-old noggin! Tell her from me thanks for sharing.

  3. Jean Hunter says:

    Just love seeing all these beautiful Christmas pics of Hollywood Blvd. I guess it’s a reflection on the times (?) that the boulevard is not dressed up anymore for the Christmas holiday season. Thankfully pictures like these take us back to those very different times.

    This isn’t anything to do with the Christmas season, but I love linen postcards (especially of Hollywood) and this one is especially very nostalgic. Don’t you wish Hollywood Blvd. still looked like this circa 1930s ?!


    Thanks, Martin.