Panoramic photograph of Beverly Hills, California, 1913

Panoramic photograph of Beverly Hills, California, 1913This panoramic landscape taken in 1913 shows us how forward-thinking the developers of Beverly Hills were. All I see here is empty land for miles around, but they saw the chance to build a housing development and turn it into a city whose name is a synonym for class and sophistication. Mind you, none of that would have happened if those developers had found the oil they were hoping for under that land.

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One Response to Panoramic photograph of Beverly Hills, California, 1913

  1. Jean Hunter says:

    Interesting article on the neighborhoods of BH. By 1928, the movie colony was already well entrenched and the rapid growth in general population was from 674 in 1920 to over 17,000 by 1930. Will Rogers quipped that land sold so quickly, owners didn’t have time to read the paperwork before it was sold to somebody else.

    Thanks, Martin.