Grauman’s Egyptian Theater with promotional sailing ship for “The Black Pirate,” 1926

Grauman's Egyptian Theater with promotional sailing ship for "The Black Pirate," 1926Grauman’s Egyptian Theater opened on Hollywood Boulevard in 1922 with a premiere of Douglas Fairbanks’ “Robin Hood.” This photo was taken 4 years later while another Fairbanks movie was playing, “The Black Pirate.” To promote the movie, they took out the Egyptian artifacts that usually sat in the forecourt and replaced it with a large replica of the movie’s pirate ship. Incidentally, “The Black Pirate” was filmed using the experimental two-color Technicolor process—pretty advance for 1926!

A closer shot of the model ship:

“The Black Pirate" model ship at the Egyptian Theater

Color frame from “The Black Pirate” showing model ship:

Color frame from “The Black Pirate" showing model ship

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