Hollywood Boulevard, east from McCadden Place, 1928

Hollywood Boulevard, east from McCadden Place, 1928Honestly, I could look at photos like this all day long. This is Hollywood Boulevard, looking east from McCadden Place in 1928. We can see the vertical sign for Grauman’s Egyptian Theater, with the Pig ‘n’ Whistle restaurant next door—both are still here. Across the street is a sign for the Myer Siegel & Co. department store. The car in front of the streetcar has me worried—were people allowed to drive on the tracks? Or only if they were preparing to turn onto a side street?

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3 Responses to Hollywood Boulevard, east from McCadden Place, 1928

  1. PDQ says:

    The streetcar is on the right-hand set of tracks, meaning it’s headed away from the camera. Also, if you look closely at the roof of the streetcar you can see the angle of the “arm” that runs from the roof of the streetcar up to the power lines overhead. It’s angled towards the rear of the streetcar. So the motor vehicle isn’t in danger. It’s behind the streetcar and it appears to be preparing to make a left turn after the streetcar clears the intersection.

  2. Jean Hunter says:

    Well, Martin, I can look at pics like this myself all day long and wish I was back in those times. And wish Hollywood still looked like this.

    Here’s a nostalgic look back at 1930s Hollywood:


    Thanks for sharing!