Snapshot of Schwab’s Pharmacy and Googies Coffee Shop, Sunset Blvd, circa early 1950s

Snapshot of Schwab's Pharmacy and Googies Coffee Shop, Sunset Blvd, circa 1950sOh, this snapshot. How I love thee. Let me count the ways: We can see the legendary Schwab’s Pharmacy and it’s kooky neighbor, Googies Coffee Shop. I love the blur of 1950s car zooming down Sunset Blvd, and the fact this whole scene is in color. And those two women in the foreground, decked out in their days suits and hats. I wonder where they were going. I’m guessing they’re off to a taping of “Queen for a Day” at the old the Earl Carroll Theatre farther down Sunset. I wonder if either of them were chosen.

Leslie says: My best guesses from left to right:

c. 1950 Chevrolet (white?)
c. 1951 Oldsmobile (yellow?)
c. 1950 Mercury (black?)

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