Hollywood Stars nighttime baseball game at Gilmore Field, Los Angeles

Hollywood Stars nighttime baseball game at Gilmore Field, Los AngelesThe Hollywood Stars were a minor league baseball team whose home park from 1939 to 1957 was Gilmore Field on Beverly Blvd where the CBS studios now stand. I don’t have a date on this photo but it was at a time when guys still wore jackets and hats and ties to baseball games. I can’t even imagine doing that these days.

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3 Responses to Hollywood Stars nighttime baseball game at Gilmore Field, Los Angeles

  1. Louella Rehfield says:

    OMG Martin! You just hit my jackpot! The best days of my youth were spent at Gilmore Field and/or Pan Pacific – either watching baseball beginning in 1939 or skating at Pan. Bob Cobb was majority owner of the Hollywood Stars and we had box seats just behind the Stars’ dugout each year.
    During the Summers, we mostly skated at Pan & this was before Mr. Zamboni invented his ice making machine – so they had to make ice by hand which took about 45 minutes – so we had time to walk over to the Farmer’s Market for a couple of doughnuts fresh out of the deep fryer – and then back to Pan for more skating.
    It was just simply marvelous! Love you, Lou&Marlon.

  2. Gail Lofdahl says:

    And the women were all in skirts.
    I’m guessing this shot was taken in the mid-forties, judging from the women’s skirt lengths. In the thirties, skirts might have been a bit longer, but clothing rationing during WWII meant less fabric was used in skirts and they became shorter.
    Another clue is the ticket prices. I couldn’t read them, but you may be able to tell what they were by looking at the original photograph. No ticket cost more than a dollar, though, judging from the sign.