Hollywood Hotel, Hollywood Blvd, 1940.

Hollywood Hotel, Hollywood Blvd, 1940One day when I get my hands on that elusive time machine (do you think maybe that Elon Musk is secretly working on one…?) I’m heading straight to 1939 and one of the places on my agenda is to visit the Hollywood Hotel on the corner of Hollywood and Highland. Every photo I see of it makes it look like a grand old dame of a place. In reality, by 1940, when this photo was taken, it was probably already getting rundown and shabby, but I don’t care. It’s as central to old Hollywood as the Garden of Allah and all I want is a chance to roam its corridors just once.

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One Response to Hollywood Hotel, Hollywood Blvd, 1940.

  1. Jean Hunter says:

    Martin, whoever finds that elusive time machine first, please save each other a seat! I’d back-pedal a few years though from ’39 so I can see first-run Harlow & Gable flicks, but otherwise, any time to sit outside on that wide Hollywood Hotel veranda and eavesdrop on the boulevard suits me just fine.

    Thanks so much, Martin!