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5 Responses to Contact Martin

  1. Bob Meza says:

    I have photos of a flyer from the Paris Inn on Market St if you wish to add to your collection. It is from about 1949.

  2. Peter says:

    I’ve got a tip and a question:
    1) TIP: The building at 3457 Wilshire Blvd that is now the Indonesian Consulate was at one time the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg showroom. You can read more details by clicking on the first two scans in this article which are reprints from an old Special Interest Autos issue: You can also Google “Duesenberg showroom on Wilshire” and look at the images category for more info.

    2) QUESTION: Was the original Brown Derby restaurant first built on the property where the Chapman Park Hotel and later the Equitable Building were located – and then moved or rebuilt on the property next door to the Gaylord Apartments at the corner of Alexandria and Wilshire? LA Conservancy has a picture taken in 1928 that seems to shows it sitting on the property between Mariposa and Alexandria:

    The “Doozy of a Showroom” article also mentions in the caption for image 3 that (in the printed magazine) you could make out the reflection of the Brown Derby sign in the showroom windows. I presume that picture is taken on the Mariposa St. side of the building based on the orientation of the cars in the showroom which would have been facing Wilshire.

    • Hi Peter,
      The history of the original Brown Derby is more complicated than most people realize!
      This is what I’ve been able to piece together:
      In 1926, the first Brown Derby opened, facing due south at 3427 Wilshire between Mariposa & Alexandria.
      In 1931, a Brown Derby branch opened at 3927 Wilshire, as seen in the shot below, in the Bilicke Building (built 1930) at the corner of Wilshire & Gramercy.
      This Brown Derby replaced the short-lived Hi-Hat (apparently also owned by Herbert Somborn, aka Mr. Gloria Swanson) and only lasted a year or so. In 1934, that restaurant became the first Perino’s.
      In 1937, the hat-shaped Brown Derby moved half a block east to 3377 Wilshire, oriented to the northeast corner of Alexandria.

  3. Dear Martin: I just finished watching Buster Keaton’s “The General” on TCM & I think it is one of the greatest films ever made. Have watched it I don’t know how many times & my heart begins racing as they get close to the bridge collapse. It is all visual and that man was such a genius. Noticed that it was produced by Joe Schenck who was a good friend to me. Am going to watch “Twentieth Century” with John Barrymore & Carol Lombard on TCM at 8:45. Love always, Blue & Lou.

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