Book 6 – “Twisted Boulevard”

"Twisted Boulevard" by Martin Turnbull, book six in the Hollywood's Garden of Allah novels

“Twisted Boulevard”

Book Six in the Hollywood’s Garden of Allah novels

When the Red Scare ends, paranoia lingers. Can Tinseltown recover to take on television?

After an exile from MGM, ousted screenwriter Marcus Adler is looking for his way back into the biz. When he hatches a plan to start over with a disgraced movie star, a Hollywood censor reminds Marcus that the misdeeds of the past aren’t soon forgotten.

Hollywood Reporter columnist Kathryn Massey is always looking for a hot tip. She never expected it would come from Lauren Bacall, and point her toward a new career high. But when a trip to the set of Sunset Boulevard reveals a haunting glimpse into her past, Kathryn isn’t sure who to trust, especially when a hot new rival hits town.

Gwendolyn Brick thought her new store would be a hit, but she never realized it could become a target. Threatened by Los Angeles’ most notorious madam, Gwendolyn will need a Hollywood-style miracle to keep her store alive.

Twisted Boulevard is the sixth installment in the Hollywood’s Garden of Allah saga. If you like richly woven details, the Golden Age of Hollywood, and characters who come to life, then you’ll love Martin Turnbull’s captivating historical fiction series.


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Amazon reviews:

I could not put this book down! Having read the five previous books I knew I was in for a GREAT read and I was not wrong. Martin Turnbull has managed to do what few authors have and that is to make each book in the series better than those that came before. The main characters, Marcus, Gwendolyn and Kathryn are finely crafted and rich in character and personality. They are very well developed and have been since book one. I also love the fact that the film stars are supporting characters while the main characters are the focus of the book. The author merges the characters seamlessly in with the film stars and it works.

Once again, author Martin Turnbull guides his readers through the exciting twists and turns of life in Hollywood during its golden age. The sixth installment of the Garden of Allah series opens in 1948 with our trio of intrepid Allah residents sticking together through thick and thin, new business ventures and opportunities, and of course a conundrum or two. I won’t spill any spoilers, but be assured, if you’re a fan of Classic Hollywood and really good writing you will not be disappointed. If this is your first time learning about this series, read them all. Not only are they addictive, they’re also reasonably priced. Thanks for another gem, Martin!

Novels based on Hollywood’s Golden Age are not exactly rare, but few have ever been so entertaining and well-researched as Martin Turnbull’s GARDEN OF ALLAH series. TWISTED BOULEVARD is his sixth novel to follow the paths of three main characters who arrive separately in the Hollywood of the late 20s to pursue their dreams, each checking into the famous Garden of Allah complex, and how they fare over the next decades. … In the process, they have contact with most of the stars of the times, from Ramon Navarro to Bette Davis to Humphrey Bogart. Now, this may sound a bit contrived but in fact makes each book a great read due to the author’s detailed knowledge of the times and locale. Not only does Turnbull spin a great story, the historical detail be provides on the swanky nightspots, studios, and star homes of the era do indeed make the books come alive. … You’d have to go back to TALES OF THE CITY or the Sookey Stackhouse books to find a series quite so readable and entertaining, and these are much superior in their attention to historical detail. Just check out the reader reviews for any of the six books and you will see the same type of comments.

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