Book 7 – “Tinseltown Confidential”

"Tinseltown Confidential" by Martin Turnbull, book 7 in the Hollywood's Garden of Allah novels

“Tinseltown Confidential”

Book Seven in the Hollywood’s Garden of Allah novels

As America embraces the 1950s, that brash upstart called television is poaching Hollywood’s turf, inch by inch. If the studios don’t do something drastic, they may lose the battle.

When screenwriter Marcus Adler fell afoul of the blacklist, Europe offered sanctuary. Hollywood lures him back, but the specter of Joseph McCarthy forces Marcus to fight for a final chance to clear his name.

A charismatic figure rises to intimidate the entire film industry, and Hollywood Reporter Kathryn Massey realizes that she knows a secret that just might topple this self-appointed savior. If Kathryn fails, will her neck land on the chopping block instead?

A new kiss-and-tell magazine splashes onto the scene—but it isn’t playing by the rules. Gwendolyn Brick figures she doesn’t need to worry about a scandal rag until she spots someone lurking around the Garden of Allah during Marilyn Monroe’s birthday party. Suddenly, Confidential threatens to expose everything.

Tinseltown Confidential is the seventh installment in the Hollywood’s Garden of Allah saga. If you like richly woven details, the Golden Age of Hollywood, and characters who come to life, then you’ll love Martin Turnbull’s captivating historical fiction series.


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Layered in with the many nods, winks and inside jokes of the Coen brothers’ Hail, Caesar! is a plot about fear-mongering and the Hollywood Ten, the most famous consequences of political bullying that Trumbo explicitly explored. Wryly played for laughs, the serious undertone that recalls the treacherous time isn’t treated lightly and is alert to the challenges of the present day in Martin Turnbull’s latest novel, Tinseltown Confidential.


Amazon reviews:

This book . . . is probably (for me) the best in the series so far. The plot was very interesting and something that I, a classic film fan, had never heard of (and I’ve read a lot of biographies and documentary type books about the golden age of film) . . .  The author does a wonderful job with them. Heck, I feel sorry for L.B. Meyer…something I thought would NEVER happen. I’ve never been a big fan of Marilyn Monroe but Mr. Turnbull brings her alive in this book in ways that no other author has ever been able to do for me! That in itself is an accomplishment. When you add in the well developed main characters, the main plot, the bystanders and the setting, this book is everything a GREAT book should be. Highly recommend this book to ANYONE whether a film buff or not.


I have a problem when it comes to the Martin Turnbull Garden of Allah series. I wait and wait for the next book to come out, and when it finally does, do I savor it like a fine wine? Do I take my time between chapters to think about each new event that just happened to Gwendolyn, Kathryn or Marcus? Or do I grab my Kindle like an oversized soup spoon and devour the entire book in one sitting as if it were an entire carton of latest flavor of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream? The answer is, of course, the latter. . .because Turnbull makes these books so delicious that you just HAVE to eat the entire thing all at once. Only later does one want to go back and read them again in order to catch details you may have missed (such as one unforgettable description of a character putting out his cigarette at Grauman’s – you’ll know it when you see it). Tinseltown Confidential is the seventh book in this series and one of the best . . . What makes this book especially resonate today is its dealing with themes of prejudice and bigotry. Yet it never gets heavy handed. It’s all still in good fun, and boy do we have fun vicariously rubbing elbows with Marilyn, Judy, Lucy, and other stars of the 1950s – a time when cinema was threatened by an electronic piece of furniture that began finding its way into countless households. Enjoy – and then enjoy again and again!


Ever go to a wonderful party with a group of your best friends and wish the night would never end? As you make your way home, you wish you could spend every day with those friends…but sadly, you know you won’t see them for a while. It’s a bittersweet feeling in the pit of your stomach – sad, but a good sad as you know there is more to look forward to. That is what its like when you finish one of Martin’s books. I have read every single one and the feeling is just the same at the end: I can’t wait for the next one to come out to see what happens next. . . . Go ahead – get the complete set so you can enjoy the story from the beginning and see how each character grows. The writing is perfect, you feel like you are right there in the middle of all of these events, some funny, some sad, some maddening….but each one leaves you waiting breathlessly for the next time you get together.


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